1969 – The Results

Waves gold envelope at camera one.

Turns to camera two.

I can now announce the winners.

Turns to camera one. Winks. Turns to camera two.

The actual 1969 Booker winner is… (was, whatever)… PH Newby – Something to Answer For.

Your 1969 Booker winner is… Muriel Spark – The Public Image.

My 1969 Booker winner is… shared, between Barry England – Figures in a Landscape and Impossible Object by Nicholas Mosley,

Bows. Turns to camera two. Does pointy motion to camera. Grins. Walks of stage.

I couldn’t split them in the end so I decided not to. They are both superb novels, they are both almost completely forgotten, and they both deserve being rediscovered. My recommendation will not do either of them a jot of good, obviously, but they earned my love equally so that is what they are going to get.




2 thoughts on “1969 – The Results

  1. On the strength of your opinion figures ina Landscape now sits on my ‘to read’ pile. I’m also making a point of asking after it every time I enter a book-sellers, jsut in case.

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